Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day!

My sweet momma holding me (1981).
The other day, Jess said something that caused a spontaneous laugh to bubble out of me, the kind that comes from your core without warning. And I heard my mother. Her laugh from my mouth. 

My mom sacrificed so much for me and for my sisters, sacrifices that were impossible for us to see as children, but as an adult, I understand. As an adult, I ache for her, for what she went through and how she persevered, never ever giving up on us, on being a mother, even when I know it must have seemed impossible at times. 

photo by Roz Photography
She is my ever constant source of wisdom and strength and hope. We are her babies forever, and each of us rest very comfortably in that knowledge, like a constant and very cozy blanket wrapped around our shoulders at all times. Not once - not for a minute - has my mom ever relinquished her role as mother. She never stops giving. And I hope she knows that in so doing, she has passed on to us her courage and her strength. 

And her laugh. 

Because she is my mom, I am a mom today. It is my greatest joy and blessing, and it will be forever more. Especially on this day, I am so grateful for my mom and for the honor it is to be a mother. I treasure this role and am so grateful for the two sweet babies who run to me first when they need a hug. It is my privilege and my greatest joy. 


Riss said...

Ditto. Like Grease said, epic post.

bgoodliffe said...

I'm amazed at how much Anna Belle resembles your mom in that picture! Wow.

eclaires said...

I came to comment and realized someone already wrote my comment. :) Annabelle looks so much like your mom in that first picture. Love it.

Julie Anderson said...

Shauntel, gorgeous pictures! Can't believe how much your girls are looking like one another...they are completely adorable and getting so big!


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