Tuesday, July 29, 2014

lou at three

Lou, at three...

+ You continue to be the happiest person we know. You are so joyful. And animated. You make our lives - and everyone you meet - so happy.

+ You're full of fire. Your temper flashes like lightning. We've done pretty well this year at helping you contain the rage. It helps that you've become basically the best communicator in our family. You're able to talk about your anger instead of lash out or fall on the floor in a demonic fit. Although sometimes you still do that...

+ You know all your letters and their sounds. A few sometimes trip you up (like G and J or Y and W), but you've done so good this year at getting them down. You love to pretend to read (like your sister) and you can sit and be read to for hours on end, just as you always have.

+ You can count to twenty and know all the basic shapes and colors. You also know our address and my phone number. You still call me Goneshell though. :)

+ You're a story teller. You re-count events, movies, vacations - in detail - for hours on end. And you're soooo serious about it. Related: You love fairy tales still - to be told them and to tell them yourself.

+ You love your hair cully (curly) or in a bun on the top of your head. 

+ You love Tinker Bell and Periwinkle and all the fairies. With your sister, you can monologue entire movies. No lie. And with the rest of your nerd alert family, you love Star Trek. You love Captain Picard and Data.

+ You love to dance and sing. You have an innate sense of rhythm and music in that soul of yours. (It makes me so happy.) When there's a particularly pretty song on, you'll close your eyes and wave your hands about, directing the piece (right on beat). You know dozens of Primary songs by heart (you have been going to Sunbeams with me since you were about 18 months old) and you always identify songs on the radio as "Daddy's fave-it," or "Dis is Mommy and Daddy's married song!" (the song from our wedding video). You also learn quicker if I can find a way to use music. You know several Articles of Faith by way of learning the songs first.

+ You love to travel and explore and hike. Your little legs can go and go and go and go. You love hotels too. We can bribe you for hours if there's a hotel at the end.

+ You insist on buckling yourself in your carseat. It's basically a battle to keep you IN your carseat now.

+ You wear size 5T clothes and size 9-10 shoes. You're growing a lot right now. Like a weed. We can't keep up. You prefer to wear skirts over shorts or pants. But you aren't too particular. You love to wear two different flip flops together. And because it is so very you, I usually let it fly (church being the only exception).

+ You don't eat a ton - we wish you'd eat more (see "worst sleeper in the whole word"). But you do eat a variety of food. You love watermelon, chicken, steak, ham (any meat), any Mexican food (Cafe Rio salad is a fave), Asian rice of any sort, Chicken Pon Pon (from a Chinese joint up the street), vanilla yogurt. 

+ You're the worst sleeper in the whole world. And that's all. (But see next point.)

+ You love milk in a sippy. Obsessed. All day and all night. It's basically a binky. I know. Awesome parenting going on here. (UPDATE: As promised, we ditched the sippies on your third birthday {three-no-sippies}. We've been preparing you for the switch for months, and you only had a night or two where you woke up screaming for it. Over a week later, and wonders - you sleep AND eat a ton. Stupid sippy.)

+ You love your dad. You've informed Belle and I on more than one occasion that he is yours and not ours. You have his face and so many of the good things about you come from him. You're a mini daddy, and he loves you so.

+ You love your sister. You are the best of friends. When Annabelle goes to preschool or tumbling you constantly ask when she'll be done, no matter how much fun we're having without her. You two can play for hours on end. Annabelle can make you laugh harder than anyone. And together, you two can accomplish anything - you make each other brave.

+ You love me too. :) I'm still the one who can read your outbursts the best. I still hear you when you don't talk, and you do the same for me. This year we've had some one on one time with Sissy in preschool, and I have to say, it's been lovely. My little sidekick.

+ You love to brush your teeth. No lie. You probably have the cleanest teeth in this family.

+ You love Dieter F. Uchtdorf. No lie. You will sit and listen to him for quite a while, particularly this message.

+ You still take one nap a a day, usually about two hours. That said, they seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and I assume you'll ditch them soon.

+ You love your white blanket. Just as much as your sister loves hers. They truly are the most beloved blankets I've ever seen.

+ Just days before your birthday, you mastered potty training. Without getting into the details (because they don't need to be shared publicly), you figured out the part that was tripping you up just days before you turned three. 

+ You love preschool because you love Annabelle's teacher (and have done a few summer programs with Annabelle). In a strange turn of events, a chance for you to attend one day a week preschool came up. And although I'm partial to hoarding my babies, I knew it would be perfect for you, so you get to go to preschool this fall! You're soooo excited.

+ You don't have a particular toy you love. You love many toys and rotate through them. Currently, your favorite is the amazing Lalaloopsy doll that Grandma Lichelle crocheted for you last year for Christmas.

+ You have a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of your nose. I thank your daddy's redheaded freckles for sneaking into your genes. I love them so.

NOTE: Like last year, we spent your birthday in Cedar City with the Cheney side of the family. As we do, we spent time hiking, and the photos here are from Cedar Breaks. They were having their annual Wildflower Festival, and you and Annabelle did all the kid activities they had (including sidewalk chalk). We also used presents as bribery. "If you just walk for one more mile up this mountain, you can open a present!!!" We got home late that night and you had one more present to open. Aunt Kristen gave you a giant box full of the Star Trek characters (from the eighties) that you and your sister adore. You went bananas when you opened them. It's hard to tell - do you love that Captain Picard? :) Bah. I love that happy face.

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