Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is by far my favorite picture of the year (so far). It captures their pure joy in an instant - they're both reacting without measuring response. And the happiness is tangible.

We have big changes coming in the next few weeks (kindergarten for Belle, tumbling and mini-preschool for Lou), and everyone is all emotional and sensitive about the changes (a house full of girls, what can I say). A whole lot of heart achiness going on. And a whole lot of gathering any bit of bravery we have - all of us - and storing it up. And it just makes me ever so aware of and grateful for these babies of mine.

I love that they are so completely different from one another, but also so totally the same. I love that their combined bravery is bravery perfected. I love that their imaginations run the gamut from exploring the galaxy to fairy adventures, often combining worlds and ideas into plot lines that I could never create myself. I love that they both have tender hearts, that they care about feelings and have somehow learned that all that really matters at the end of the day is knowing God loves them and that under our roof, they are safe and protected and loved to their tiniest toes. I love that they love each other. 

I'm a self-proclaimed helicopter mom. I'm unashamed, and I will always be so. Their baby years - and their years with me, before they grow up - are so short. They pass so unbelievably quick. And so I will always hover and hoard them. I know people probably think I'm nuts sometimes, and honestly that's okay. Because (obviously) I'm obsessed. They are so perfect and wonderful - in the joy and the rage and the laughter and tears - there is some kind of amazing magic in being their mommy. 

Photos taken at Park Discovery in Cedar City. Basically the most amazing park we've ever been to. 

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