Tuesday, September 2, 2014

lou in school!

I think I've mentioned that we debated signing Lou up for preschool, but ultimately I decided it was entirely unnecessary this year and she'd for sure go when she's four. And mostly, I selfishly wanted to hoard my baby.

But I felt guilty. She begged to go to preschool. She loves Miss Sam. She tried to sneak into class almost every time I dropped Annabelle off, and during graduation, Lou literally knew the entire program because her big sister would come home and teach her everything she was learning.

Then Miss Sam had a funny scenario arise wherein someone who had initially requested five days a week of preschool needed to get out of one day. Miss Sam's classes are booked and it's tricky to switch things around, so she called and said that she'd thought of Lou, and would I be interested in one day a week of preschool for Lou? We'd talked in length previously about the great preschool debate, and she knew that I was torn about giving up my baby, so she asked without any pressure, would that be something I'd be interested in?

Yes. I said yes immediately. For sure.

And today my tiny baby that's not at all tiny anymore (she's so tall she can share some clothes with Belle now!) marched into Miss Sam's, pleased as punch that she was a big girl doing big girl things all by herself. I kissed her goodbye and told her I loved her and to be a good friend, and she immediately started waving at each kid at her table with a, "Hi! Hi! I Lou!"

So glad we gave our Lou her token day to herself. I just love this girl's guts and love how happy she is to be a big girl. Every day with this baby is just happiness. I'm so grateful for her constant spirit of joy. She's contagious, and we're so lucky she's ours.

NOTES: I did buy her one new outfit for school (she's actually wearing it in Belle's first day pictures) even though we have all of Belle's outgrown clothes. Just yesterday I pulled out a giant tupperware of  those "new old" clothes and she was giddy. This is what she chose for today. She thinks that horse shirt is the bee's knees. 

Also, note the jewelry. 

And of course, she has a heart necklace. She told me this morning, "Dis heart necklace is because my daddy loves me with all his heart." Except she says it "h-ee-s heart," and it's probably the cutest thing in the world.

Also, those eyes. My favorite. 

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