Friday, March 6, 2015

hiking to honolua

I know I dogged hiking like crazy in my last blog post, but really it was just Hana. I blame it on Hana. And my thyroid? I usually blame things on my thyroid? Valid?

Anyhow, we do have a favorite "hike" in Maui. It's the walk to Honolua, a snorkeling spot. It's flat and totally shaded by the ginormous jungle trees (in fact, we call it our "Jungle Hike"), and it has truckloads of chickens pecking about. Wildlife? We hit this hike up twice on this trip - once with our cute cousins. It never ceases to be a Maui favorite. Quick, shaded, and mighty beautiful.

How badddd do you want to tell a chicken crossing the road joke?

This is (supposedly) an old church and graveyard.
Annabelle is standing on what is left of the church (the stairs).

Mom! This is a hammer that Tinker Bell would use!

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Riss said...

Sounds like my kind of hike. Hawaii is just so beautiful!!!!


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