Tuesday, April 28, 2015

best day ever

Ummmm. Yeah. So about that catching up. Before I do that, I want to talk about today.

Today I took the girls to This is the Place State Heritage Park by myself. This isn't really remarkable except that I can't remember the last time I took the girls to a museum or park or something of that nature without friends. Without a mom to gab with and a gaggle of kids to run around with. It's my favorite way to catch up with friends who have moved - not too far away, but just far enough away that we don't see each other enough.

But today, it just so happened that the weather was perfect and the girls were dying to see the baby animals and I had nothing else scheduled, and so we went. Just the three of us. And it was perhaps one of the best afternoons I've had in ages. I had hours with just the girls to talk. To giggle. To answer their funny questions about pioneer life and stinky animals. To duck into the historic homes and agonize over which craft to do. To sit with them and focus. To listen. To listen. To listen.

We took our time, wandered around, made friends with the artists helping with crafts. We waited for the train and when it rounded the corner I laughed myself silly at how happy they were to ride a train on wheels. They were so happy to be there, just being there. 

When we got in the car to head home, Annabelle said, "I'm going to go home and draw pictures of everything we did today. So I don't forget." And Lou got to ride a horse - finally. In other words - best day ever.


This is probably my favorite photo taken of Lou in the history of ever.
So happy.

Baby chicks. Maybe the cutest things in the world. 

Note that there are three arrowhead necklaces. Yes, I made my own. What.

They stamped leather here. It's kind of hard to see from the photos, but it was a huge hit with these two.

Their instructions: just stand normal. Oh that Lou. 
Yes, trains are that exciting. :)

Oh how I love these people. :)


Becky Wiese said...

This looks like so much fun! And we're moving to Lehi in 3 weeks!

eclaires said...

1. Baby animals! I love them.
2. Matching stripedy chevron pants! Fun. :)
3. Arrowhead necklaces. Fun. Why are rocks so cool when you're little?
4. Lou's "normal" stance. Oh gosh. Love that girl.
5. Can a day get better than that? (Answer: Only if you were wearing matching pants too, which you weren't. Yours wear grey on grey with a flower design. Try harder next time.)


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