Monday, June 1, 2015


Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

I really wasn't kidding when I said I'd rather nap than almost anything. So I take care of the things that I'm required to (keeping children alive, work, laundry - sort of), and then I take a nap. Oh I love naps.

But I still have so many things that remain undocumented, things I REALLY want documented. So let's do this thing. Just ignore that most of these are SO OLD. And none of them are in any sort of order. Alright then. Onward we go.

Annabelle had her hair chopped off. Per her request. I was a little nervous that she'd freak out when she saw the result of her decision, but good news - she loves it. I do too. Although she looks like an old grandma now. I'm really not into this growing up thing.

We went to the dentist for check ups and then for cavities to be filled (Belle had two, Lou had three - we're awesome). Look at Lou with the laughing gas. She was SO funny. But then she wasn't. Poor Lou. She was so ticked about her numb mouth, and she refused with the fervor of only a Lydia Lou to put the cotton thing in her mouth. So I had perhaps a moment of genius - I rolled up bread and put it in her mouth. That's right. You're welcome for that Pinterest worthy gem.

Annabelle chose one of those popper toy things we used to play with from the dentist's treasure chest. She thought it was hilarious that it would suction to her head. She didn't find it as amusing when she looked in the mirror and saw that she'd totally destroyed her forehead. She looked like an abused child. She was mortified. (So was I. But send her to school I did. CDC never did show up...)

Annabelle won herself a Bobcat Award at school. Each grade has a different list of age-appropriate requirements to check off (e.g., for Belle - all the sounds of the alphabet, her address, how to tie a shoe, etc.). Every year you complete the requirements, you get a special medal and the PTA lets you choose a book. In this child's case, I'm not sure which was better - the medal or the book.

Also, that's the Butler Bobcat. Not some prehistoric cat creature from the depths of the ocean. What the.

Grammy has the most epic treasures in her basement. Time stands still there. Including the MUSICAL Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from the seventies that STILL SINGS. Even after I accidentally washed it. Please note - she wore that sweatshirt for a week straight. 

So my mom write books. Don't you? Anyhow, she gave the girls a little children's book she wrote and illustrated a few years ago for Christmas. And one day after reading my mom's book, Annabelle wanted to know why SHE couldn't write and illustrate a book. And although I am not so crafty with actual scissors and tape and such, if it involves a computer, I can make it happen. We sat down together and she told me what she wanted each page of her book to say. Then I made her a list of illustrations I needed. I uploaded all of her illustrations and made a (cheap) photo book at It turned out mighty cute, and she was mighty proud. :)

So this happened. And when I brought Lou up to talk about it, she said, "But Mom. It's a really good L-O-U!" When she's right, she's right. 

Plant time! We planted in early spring, meaning big tubs of plants lived in my kitchen until it got warm enough for them to go outside. We're hoping for peppers, tomatoes (two varieties), sweet peas, and strawberries this year.

We took the girls to the Utah Symphony's production of Peter and the Wolf. Before the performance began, they were letting the kids try out a myriad of instruments. I carefully steered my kids toward the not spitting instruments. Sanitizer can only do so much, amiright? I chose well - look at those babies. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself here but #musicalprodigies.

Just your every day Lou get up.

And let's go all the way back to snow. During the winter, Jess promised the girls that "next time" it snowed, they'd make a snowman. Well it never snowed again. So when we got that freak snow storm in the spring, the second he got home from work, they ran outside to build that snowman! 

Of course, it melted quickly. But don't you worry - Belle filled the part just fine. And then she made a tiny squatty guy out of the leftovers that I'm pretty sure is the cutest snowman in the history of ever.

And we'll end with this. (Not that I'm out of photos.) These dresses were contenders for my mom's wedding, but we found more tealy options. But still. These sisters. Sisters are just my favorite.


Kimberly Cheney said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAH I laughed so many times reading your post because of Lou. What a silly girl! I can't wait to see you and your girls!

eclaires said...

Hickeyhead and countertop-Lou. Haha! Oh, and those snowmen are awesome--all three of them!


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