Sunday, August 23, 2015

bubbles at trafalgar

We began our trip in a hotel just off of Trafalgar Square (the first week). In Jess' previous visits, he'd really grown to love the area and its proximity to lots of attractions. The National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery are situated snugly on the square, but it isn't the world renowned art that the girls cared about. No, no. It was the bubbbbles. 

Trafalgar Square always has little street acts trying to earn a little money. Most of them are garbage, but the bubble guys are amazing. I'm fairly certain that if they remember only one thing from this experience in London, the girls will remember THE BUBBLES. 

While we were there it drove us a little crazy. Like WE HAVE BUBBLES IN THE STATES. But as I started pulling photos (and couldn't stop), I realized that we DO NOT have bubbles like this. And really, how magical. I hope they always remember the gigantic bubbles in blowing in Trafalgar Square. I hope this little bit of magic stays with them always.

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