Tuesday, November 24, 2015

one month and some

So you're one month {and some} old. I suppose that's the price you pay for being the third baby? Photos are a little late. Sorry 'bout that boy. I promise we all noted it. Because good night we couldn't believe one month was already gone. 

At one month you:

+ Love your mama. This includes laying on my chest for hours of the day, staring at me. I love those big blue (for now? for forever?) eyes staring at me so much. Cannot feel more loved than I do by you little man. You are the snuggliest bug, and I love it so much.
+ Love nursing. Curses. I am not known for an abundant milk supply, and I live in constant fear of running out. Thank goodness you also take a bottle like a champ and were so patient while we figured out the best bottle for you.

+ Pretty much think binkies are for the birds. Daddy can sometimes get you to take one. This is not a problem when I'm around as I can settle you in seconds. Good luck to the poor souls who watch you without me around.
+ Sleep for four to five hours a night sometimes! It's like a dream.
+ Have light blonde/reddish hair. We're all holding out for red around here. It's sort of balding on the top (probably because I'm constantly petting your little fuzzy head).

+ Have blue eyes? I swear they're blue-blue. But there's still a chance you'll join the ranks of brown-eyed babies in our family, leaving my blues in the dust. 
+ Tolerate baths but HATE with all the passion of your soul the lotioning up and getting dressed part.
+ Hate being naked.
+ Love to be warm. You sleep with a heater in your room and are happiest when you're toasty. (Your sisters were quite the opposite in this respect.)

+ Are soooo happy in the morning. You're so smiley and it makes all the lack of sleep that goes on in this house (your sisters are culprits too!) bearable. Can't be mad for a minute with our happy morning baby around.
+ Have horrible gas. What. 
+ Can hold your head up fairly well and love to bob around on my shoulder.
+ Are huge. You wear 3 month clothes and size 1 dipes.

+ Don't mind a wet diaper. Which is handy as a third child. 
+ Smile every time your sister gets in the car after preschool. The second you hear her voice, you smile in your sleep. 
+ Spit up like a champion. We have six thousand burp cloths around the house at any given time. 
+ Rock the dimple in your right cheek. Seriously irresistible.

+ Take one fairly regular nap in the morning. Then want to be held and cat nap all the rest of the day. And I totally pick up what you're throwing down. Sucka.
+ Go by J most of the time. Sometimes Baby Jess. (I'm working on steering people away from the latter only to avoid the inevitable confusion with your Daddy's name.)
+ Have a middle name! Jess Christian Cheney. From your mama's maiden name. :)
+ Are everyone's favorite little man. 

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