Tuesday, March 17, 2009

jolly green baby

So I'm pretty sure that the little person I'm toting around in my mid region is of the male variety. Why, you ask?

Call it mother's intuition, maybe my gut just says so (it should, after all, have a say, given its size these days). Perhaps you could call it: "I'm convincing myself it's a boy now so that when it doesn't come out with a pink bow on its head, I won't cry."

Whatever the case, I'm pretty sure we have ourselves the fifth Jess Cheney on our hands (the name is handed down - middle name is an ever growing debate). However, because I'm not 100% certain, I've put myself in the predicament of paralyzing my shopping abilities (thereby relieving Jess' wallet from experiencing some of my best skills, those of spending cash on small outfits and tiny accessories that may or may not actually be useful). I can't buy pink or blue, which usually reduces me to a heap of disregard for all things baby merchandise, putting it off until another day when I can embrace the neutral.

(I know what you're thinking - I did this to myself - I know.)

However, when the mama showed up with this little number, my heart started to dance inside. Green is a lovely color. Not boy. Not girl. Not yellow. (Which is way too neutral. And too happy for someone who just loves pregnancy as much as I do.) A lovely, fresh, clean color. So now the baby is referred to as Green Baby. And I'm really loving my little Green Baby, thumping around in my belly.

Grow Green Baby, grow. Like the green things do. Although they're chlorophyll based, and I'd prefer if you had legs, not roots.

P.S. I've already ordered a really cute boy pattern for a blanket. Grow Green Baby Boy, grow.


Kelly said...

Be careful - I too was certain that I was having a boy and then came Eva! (Although I found out a few months before you will :))

Anonymous said...

"Grow Green Baby, grow. Like the green things do."
Green baby, red hubby, everyday is Christmas for this nice lady!~
It is fun to read your blog. I am reading your wedding part these days.I think it is very very sweet~

Marissa said...

"I guess green's the new pink." hahahahaha that's probably my favorite Gilmore Girls episode.


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