Monday, April 13, 2009

gender revealed!

Good news. Jess had a dream a few nights ago that has revealed the gender of our baby.

It's a girl! And it was born looking about one month old. Also, she could crawl. And speak.

Highly advanced. That's our girl.

I asked if he happened to notice the hair color of our little princess (red perhaps?), but he said he was too busy being in shock that (1) we had a girl in the first place, and (2) we had a girl that could speak upon its entrance into the world, to notice any additional features beyond the fact that she was crawling away, talking up a storm.

NOTE: Just so we're clear, Baby Cheney's gender is still unknown. Although I wouldn't complain about a genius baby girl. The instant crawling, however? I might complain about that. :)


Diana said...

I'm predicting a girl for you too! And I'm sure she will be a genius baby too! I can't wait to find out--just a few more months!

Marissa said...

you haven't even had time to baby-proof the apartment!

The Isoms said...

How funny! I thought it was only the pregos that had odd dreams :)

The Harrises said...

Shah! I thought you were real! I am now regaining my regular breathing, thanks Jess!


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