Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just for kicks

So for several weeks now, I've been able to feel Little Cheney rumbling around in my belly. And we've fallen into a pretty predictable rhythm. In the morning, Baby stays pretty quiet, even through nearly an hour of what must be some bouncing up and down while I do the elliptical. I feel a few nudges here and there throughout the day, but the evening is when Little Cheney really practices his or her dance moves. Somersaults are involved, I'm pretty sure. Toe touches. High kicks.

Sometimes we play games - I push a spot on my stomach, Baby jabs back. Sometimes Baby just ignores my jiggling of its home and retreats to the far recesses of my stomach to enjoy some peace and quiet. Yesterday, while I fought off a mini stomach bug, Little Cheney was particularly active. I imagine that the sounds of my gurgling, slimy insides were driving him or her pretty much bonkers.

The best part about Baby's movements is that he or she has decided that it's really funny to feign inability when Daddy comes around. Little Cheney will be jumping up and down, so I'll grab Jess' hand and put it on my belly. And. Nothing. I swear the little booger knows it's him! A few days ago, while the baby was practicing its gymnastics moves, I told Jess to quietly come over. "Don't talk. Just put your hand on my belly. Maybe we can trick the baby to think it's still me."

And finally! He felt a nudge!

But I love these kicks. I haven't grown tired of them. It's our secret little communication method. Especially on days like yesterday when I was feeling sick and alone and worrying my pretty little head about the baby. Usually it just takes my hand on my belly for a reassuring nudge.

"Yep Mom, still kicking." :)

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