Wednesday, June 17, 2009

on nesting

So what happens when you are in the thirty sixth week of pregnancy and you're desperate to "nest," but you've pretty much eliminated your options for nesting. Keeping the gender a secret was fun for a while, but now I'm like HOLY CRAP I NEED TO SHOP. And I can't. And then there's the fact that we're not really at home so it's not like I can prepare the nursery. That is if I believed in nurseries.

That's right - I don't get the concept. For one thing - children do this thing called GROW. Which means that eventually they will not actually love the little choo choo trains on their walls, say when they take up a particular affinity for football. Or band. Plus, it's likely that this first child will share a room with the next, or the next will inherit the room. And then what? I have to rip down the trains and put up ballerinas? Um, no thanks. I'm actually the biggest fan of decorating, especially painting. One of the best sounds in the world is the roll of a properly saturated paint roller. Yum. But if it happened that I actually had an extra room to make into a nursery (we don't - Baby will be sharing space with the weight bench and the stationary bike), I'd probably go pretty neutral.

But I digress.

So I'm dying to nest and pretty much can't. So what do I do? Decorate Sure, I could've waited to do this when Baby is here and it makes a little more sense, but since when do pregnant women do anything that makes sense? Plus, I hear that with the arrival of our little wailer, suddenly my "schedule" is going to be turned on its head, so blog redesign might not happen later.

So for those of you who are somewhat appalled by my feelings toward nurseries, pretend that my blog is a nursery. See? I really do care.


Snailbug said...

Love the new layout, and I'm so happy there's a belly shot.

Kelly said...

Nesting with no nest - how frustrating. When I was pregnant with Eva ALL I wanted to do was organize and declutter. Casey would want to watch a movie and I was like "No way - that's 2 hours wasted when I could be cleaning!" Your belly is so cute!

And since you love decorating (and I hear your practical take on the nursery) you should check out my new favorite blog I want to hook it into me like an IV I love it so much :)

The Isoms said...

Glad to see a new bellie picture! I agree with you on the nursery thing. Can't wait to see if its a pink or blue baby (as my little Raylie says).

Diana said...

Lovely! You might surprise yourself, though, at the things you can do when the little one arrives. I think I wrote a few blog posts (very slowly) while Thomas nursed. Blog redesign just might not have to be eliminated from your future. However, with the design you have now, there really isn't a need for redesigning it, is there? ;)

I can't wait to see your baby once you bring him/her (I vote the baby is a she) home to your actual nest.

Natalie said...

u are hilarious

Kathy said...

Just catching up on your blog. You are killing me. :) First off, about the swelling, BP, and hands and feet and toes that go numb...IT GOES AWAY! Hooray! Give yourself about a week after baby comes (the swelling actually gets worse a few days after delivery and then you just start peeing it out. Then you see an ankle bone and then there is space between your toes and you feel like you are in skinny ankle and feet heaven! My doc said before you even notice you are retaining fluid, you have already gained 7 pounds of fluid. So just think how much weight you'll lose in the first two weeks! Happy thoughts to get you through.
About the nesting. I was out of control. I scrubbed my kitchen I mean SCRUBBED. My kitchen has been that clean since I had the baby...I would soak my hand in the pinesol water as long as I could so my hand would smell like it for a couple of hours. It was the most bizarre thing; I really craved the smell of it...I even wondered once what it would taste like (NO I never tried it, I have more sense than that but I would just sniff it out of the bottle--it doesn't have the same effect at all now. So weird). Anyhow, can't imagine having that desire to nest and not actually doing it. I think it might make me looney.
But seriously, this too shall pass and then the baby will be here and you'll say, "TOTALLY worth it! Sign me up for the next a few years."


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