Friday, June 19, 2009

permanently pregnant

So I'm told pregnancy is not a permanent condition. I'll believe it when I see it. ("It" being Baby Cheney.) Because I feel as though this may go on forever. And for the record, I don't think my stomach can fit much more growth. The poor thing must be so uncomfortable in there. Every squirm from the babe elicits a shift of discomfort on my part. It's like we play tug of war with the space left in there. I rarely win.

In any case, I thought maybe I should look for the silver lining of the last four weeks instead of talking about how my body is otherwise falling apart. Here are a few of the things that are keeping me smiling these days.

1. Johnson's Bedtime Lotion and Bath

Have you smelled this? So I Iove the regular old pink stuff, and I have some of that too, given that it is a requisite purchase in that the smell of a baby is contained therein. However, this? Um, I want to pour it all over myself. It smells so delightful. I kind of want to eat it.

So sometimes when you're pregnant, you want to eat things that aren't food. Just for the record.

2. My jeans

Just wanted to say that although the baby has now dropped as far as it can possibly drop - sometimes I feel as though it would be most appropriate to pick my stomach up before I stand - I'm still wearing the one pair of jeans I bought for pregnancy. WITHOUT ANY RUBBER BAND TRICKS. Thanks to today's low rise trends, they still button just below my belly. And by the way, I am down to that ONE PAIR of pants. Seriously. No intention of buying more either. It's skirts and the one pair of pants from here on out my friends. Pajama pants if it gets desperate.


So as you recall, I can't nest. Not appropriately anyway. But I've found a really good solution - HGTV. I watch other people nest. All. Day. Long. It's kind of an addiction. Okay, it's possible that I dream in re-design. Paint swatches. Floor options. And then my dear friend pointed me in the direction of this blog, and well, it is now part of my daily blog consumption. I seriously ache to paint a wall.

So while it's possible that I feel nigh unto losing my mind, I do see an end in sight. And I imagine that end will include late night feedings. And HGTV. :)

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Marissa said...

I was going to show you that lotion when we went to Target! I could only see the bath stuff, though, and I think you were busy discussing something with Mom....


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