Monday, September 7, 2009

can i keep you?

So I used to love the movie Casper. Loved it. Watched it a hundred billion times. And I was definitely in my teens (I obviously didn't have much of a social life, much less a life). I've since watched it again (maybe a few times), and while I still love the instrumental soundtrack, I'm not quite sure why I loved this movie so much. Awful acting, ridiculous CGI, silly plotline. However, there is a moment in the movie, a particular line, that I still love.

While the main character falls asleep, Casper the ghost, who has a secret crush on her, floats above watching out for her. And just before she drops off into dreamland, Casper whispers, "Can I keep you?"

And while the context is different, it's the line that always resonates in my mind when I look at my sweet thing. I still get caught up in staring at her, and it's this little face that continually has me whispering, "Can I keep you?"


Kristen said...

Oh Sis! That line always stuck with me too!

Marissa said...

I love that part. and that's such an adorable picture...

Snailbug said...

Hey, this is what I've been asking you for a long time. And I've asked so nicely too.

Let me ask again.

Can I have her?

Becky said...

I love that part too! One of the few things I still remember too.


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