Saturday, September 12, 2009

baby fat

So once I ran a marathon. When I stood up out of bed the morning after, I literally fell back into my bed as a shock of pain from my tippy toes to my ears made its way through me, and I realized that yes, indeed, my body was torn to shreds. And while the pain isn't that bad, I have to say I'm pretty sure I ran a marathon today. It may have only been forty-five minutes, but I just remembered how running really does use every muscle of your body. I haven't run this much since last summer (pregnancy caused me to switch to the elliptical, a good workout, but not the same), so my body is like, "Excuse me? Remember how much I like to sit around and eat cupcakes?"

My toes hurt.

Isn't it ironic that the Little Miss can eat all day long, gain weight at an unreasonable rate, be in possession of two chins, and still be UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE???

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