Thursday, September 17, 2009

she's the inspiration

She talks to me now. It mostly sounds like "Ooooohowwwwwww," mixed with some squeals, but I still talk back. I feel like it would be rude not to.

She's finally growing hair on her head - they're tiny tufts, but they're there. And it looks like they're curling.

She likes to snuggle into my shoulder and wraps her little arms around me, sometimes grabbing my shirt or my hair to make sure I don't get away.

Sometimes she sucks on my shoulder. I don't mind. I don't imagine it tastes very good, but I don't mind.

She giggled for the first time out of happiness a few days ago (as opposed to her sleepy giggles, which she's been doing since she was just weeks old) - daddy came home from a long day at school, and she was so excited to see him, she giggled with joy. I giggled too, and while I was a little jealous she doesn't laugh like that for me, save for a few little chuckles here and there, I was thrilled to hear her happiness, to know that the little soul we've been given charge of already knows joy.

She sleeps through the night for the most part, but even when she doesn't, even when she keeps me awake for hours with her gassy belly and its accompanying sounds, I still wake up so excited to see her morning smiles, to bathe her and watch as she splashes and grins as though Disneyland were right in that bath tub.

She is my most favorite job, the best work I've ever had. Nothing compares to watching her discover the world around her, when for the first time she notices the trees above her, her neck stretching to take it all in, eyes wide with wonder.

And sometimes I try to think of things to write about, what is getting to me, how I'm currently being inspired, because that's what usually spurs me to write.

But mostly it's just her. My world has become pink things and lots of loads of laundry, timely feedings and endless snuggles, toothless smiles and giddy squeals.

So for today, and for always, she is what inspires me. I love this little person more than I ever imagined possible.

*I've created a blog called The Daily Annabelle for our families. I post a picture every day so they can see her grow, and it's keeping a handy chronological record for me of her first year of growth. It's a private blog, but if any of you would like to see it, just email me at I'm happy to share her, just as long as I know who I'm sharing her with. :)


Snailbug said...

You're the cutest mommy ever.

Jamie said...

is Annabelle wearing that dress just for her Auntie! She looks adorable. Guess what almost a month then you are an auntie too!

The Harrises said...

Those round polka dots look nice with that nice round face!


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