Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Sugarless Bubble Yum:

Not only do you make me feel young again (I challenge anyone to blow a big bubble and not feel four years old), but you also trick my taste buds into thinking I'm eating a yummy treat. 

When actually I'm dying for a big, gooey chocolate chip cookie, loaded with fat and delicious calories.


Dear Pack N Play:

Thank you for providing a resting place for my daughter for her first nine months of life. However, I do have a minor complaint. You see, when she rolls over, her girth hits your screen walls and wakes her up.

And then we have an all night dance party.

You Will Not Be Missed

P.S. If you could just hold out until we move back to Utah, where we're having the crib delivered, we'd greatly appreciate it.
P.P.S. Don't be offended - you'll get plenty of use when the next one comes along. IN LIKE TEN YEARS.

Dear Annabelle:

Our apologies for making you sleep in that Pack 'N' Play for so long. Even though I've created a thick mattress of blankets, I still think you're rather uncomfortable. The thing is, we didn't expect that we'd have such a - ah hem - healthy baby. But we promise that a crib is on its way. And I firmly believe it will not only solve all our sleeping problems, but also most other world problems.

Rising fuel costs, rush hour, humidity.

Your Semi Negligent Mom

P.S. If you didn't shove your face into the corner of the Pack 'N' Play, you might be a little more comfortable. Just a thought.

The pictures have absolutely nothing to do with anything, except that I just stumbled on these and realized they were never included in the Daily Annabelle and felt that they were too good to not be shared somewhere. :)

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