Friday, April 9, 2010

pretend i posted this days ago

So Duke won the NCAA championship. For those of you who don't live in North Carolina and aren't breathing this reality, I thought I better let you know. I mean, you've probably heard, but you're not living the hysteria that is Durham, North Carolina. You think you've seen school spirit, and then your school goes and wins a championship and suddenly you're walking out of the University Bookstore with a truckload of championship paraphernalia and a big blue D on your cheek.

Okay, we didn't paint our faces.

But we did dress up our cheerleader. In a 12 month ensemble. Naturally, it's too small, but we got such a kick of that little tooshy hanging out of her skirt, that we kept her in the outfit all day. And that would be a yes, she is standing by herself there.

And Jess did go to the massive assembly of students and fans that waited patiently for the team to arrive home. I watched from home with a napping baby, and since she has this ridiculous aversion to loud noise and tight spaces (seriously - she can't even do booths at restaurants without having a massive spaz out fit), it was probably a good move. 

And then Jess did happen to run in to Coach K, pretty much a celebrity in these here parts.

And because he'd just left the bookstore with his first championship t-shirt purchase, he thought, why not? (By the way, Jess said Coach K was incredibly gracious and happy to sign things and particularly took the time to shake hands with the kids. Cute.)

And it's possible we've been to the bookstore more than once since then because someone needs another shirt or hat. It's a little out of control, but the good news is we bought a championship onesie for the bug that is too big; hopefully we'll manage to get that on her before she grows out of it.


littlered said...

TIGHT!!!! That is SO AWESOME!!! :) Ahhh I wish I were there!! SO cool, SO jealous!! And I love Belle's cheerleader outfit!! :)

singingrae said...

She looks so cute in that little outfit! And standing already...look out, she'll be running before you know it!

Congrats, Duke!


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