Saturday, May 8, 2010

hungry hungry hippo

So for a few months, Annabelle was doing awesome with her baby food consumption. She took to baby food like I do to chocolate. Immediately. Then, one day she decided she was over it. (I wish I could just get over chocolate.) She stopped eating solid food almost altogether. Of course, we (including the doctor) weren't too worried because she's plenty "healthy" on milk alone. The doc told us to just do what we were doing - continue offering her food, and one day she'd take to it again.

Well, in the past week or so, the girl has taken to it again - in a big way. However, baby puree foods are still no longer allowed. Not even applesauce. This girl likes what we're eating. Among her favorites are: chicken nuggets, Mac & Cheese, bread with jam, apple bits (although she tends to gag on them because she can't properly chew with just the one tooth), yogurt (when she's in the mood), beef stroganoff, Asian noodles (seriously, and you should seriously make these too), and get this: York Peppermint Patties.

For real. I was eating my favorite treat one day, and she motioned that she'd like a bite. I thought, why not? I thought surely she'd be blown away by the intense mintiness, and why not teach her that candy is bad, especially chocolate. But that didn't exactly work out. Apparently she loves the mintiness. If she even smells it on my breath, she does a dance until she gets a bit. 

This photo appeared on the Daily Annabelle today. I think she looks so big, like a toddler. I guess she just has toddler tastes, and she was waiting for one of us to get a clue and hand her a peppermint patty, with a side of Asian noodles. Please.

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