Sunday, June 6, 2010

throwing my decisive nature out the window

So the last time my blog went this dead was when I was pregnant and barely had the energy to brush my teeth. Putting thoughts together into cohesive blocks of writing was as daunting as getting out of bed without puking. And so I let it be, knowing that one day I'd be back.

And while I AM NOT PREGANT, the blog has gone sort of dead again, much as it did before. This time, my energy has been sucked into the battle of Rent vs. Buy. We've made the trek across the country (Belle and I in several airplanes, Jess in his faithful Honda, stopping at some beautiful national parks along the way), Jess has started work and studying for the bar, and I spend my days stalking Craig's List and KSL, alternated with days of perusing home listings.

Because you see, for the first time in our marriage, the decisive one (me) is just as undecisive as the undecisive one (him). And it's causing my brain to nearly explode.

So until we have some sort of living situation figured out, my thoughts will remain a jumble, and the blog likely rather quiet.

But I am still brushing my teeth.

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