Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one more month

She has 1 1/2 teeth.
She calls all dogs "My!" (My mom's dog's name is Miley.)
She gives high five, sometimes in slow motion, sometimes real quick, several times.
She waves her arms around and kicks her legs when she's super excited (always has actually).
She talks in steady streams of jibberish, which sound almost coherent.
Sometimes she just sings and sings and sings, often at the grocery store.
She loves dancing, especially to "Hey, Soul Sister," by Train.
She points at the things she wants or the things she wants us to notice.
She "cleans her hands" when prompted (brushes them against each other).
She doesn't sleep through the night and occasionally has what appear to be baby night terrors.
She loves chicken nuggets, Nilla wafers, guacamole, and cheese curds. And baby formula. And chocolate.
She can stand by herself - even clap and dance and move around - and can take a few steps by herself.
She loves walking (holding someone's fingers) more than just about anything.
And that would be crawling up stairs, which she probably loves a little more.
She can sort of crawl back down the stairs.
She survived the longest travel day ever - three flights plus one two hour drive - with only a few tantrums.
Speaking of which, she throws tantrums complete with kicks and screams and slithering off your lap when she's mad.
She says "hi" and "bye bye" by closing her hand(s) repeatedly, not waving her arm.
Prompted or not, she shows everyone their nose. Including strangers.
She knows what a ball is and when asked will tell you: "Bah!"
She feeds snacks to her cousin, Tymon (four months younger than her).
She "talks" on the cell phone, even managing to get the phone right on her ear usually.
She puts bows in her hair by dropping them just behind her head and headbands on by securing them like a crown.
She's eleven months old today.

One more month, and my baby is a year old.

Days please drag.

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Lindsay said...

My baby just turned 3...believe me the days never go slower. We'll have to get together as soon as you guys get settled.


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