Monday, July 5, 2010

365 days of annabelle

So I realize that Annabelle will remember little - if any - of her first birthday party. She won't know how many people came to celebrate her day or that some traveled hundreds of miles just to see her (mom) open her presents. She didn't happen to notice that I dreamed up polka dots and circles and balls from food to favors in honor of her favorite toy (any ball is her favorite toy). She doesn't realize that I spent months planning and weeks preparing for this big day, that an army of family members were necessary to pull it all off.

But when she looks back on her first birthday, at the photos that were taken (see the madness below), I hope she realizes that she was celebrated. I hope she realizes that her first year was incredible - every day better than the last. I hope she realizes that her arrival ushered in a new kind of family and a deeper love for one another. I hope she knows that we cherish her, every little curl on that head, and are so privileged to share every day with her. I hope she knows that because I will never have adequate or enough numbered words to tell her how much I love sharing every day with her, I tried my best to make the celebration of her first year mean something. I wanted to make her day mean something big because she means so very much to me.

My baby girl, how I love you so. Thank you for 365 days full of reasons to celebrate.

Also, I hope that someday she's impressed with how insane I went with the polka dots. ;)

Also, I like to pretend that I won't go this crazy with every birthday. But let's be honest - I really like plans and spreadsheets.

Also, special thanks to the many family members who participated in my party planning. I couldn't have done it alone, and I appreciate and love you all so much for going along with my vision and only mocking me occasionally. :)


The Meacham's said...

Annabelle is so adorable!! I'm totally impressed with all the polka dots. :)

Diana said...

So precious! Methinks I see cake truffles on that table. Now I'm salivating! I'd say you're a pretty extraordinary party planner and an even more extraordinary mom. What a lucky little girl!


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