Tuesday, July 6, 2010

milking it

So with the one year mark, we've also reached the "time to really get rid of that bottle and it's yummy formula" mark. Personally, I find cow's milk revolting, so the thought of Belle gulping it down kind of makes me shudder, but whatever. I suppose it will make her bones strong. (Gag. It just makes me gag.) She's been semi-using the sippy for a few months so we're sort of on our way. I say "semi" because she just really doesn't get the whole tipping of the cup. The sippy works out great if she's reclined, but if not, she just gets mad at throws it on the floor.

Enter the straw. She's been "sharing" water with me for a long time using a straw. So when I spotted this number, I knew we were in business. Belle guzzles liquid from her strawed sippy. And the good news? She doesn't have to tip it! So until she understands the word "tip" as well as she understands "shoe" or "ball" (she'll retrieve either when requested to do so), we'll stick with the straw.

P.S. With the one year mark also comes the end of The Daily Annabelle. However, she still has a trio of aunties and a grandma that are hundreds of miles away who would like some updates. Plus, I'M OBSESSED WITH HER. Oh, you didn't know? Now you do. So this blog will now begin featuring a little more Belle. I know, you're like, More? How could there possibly be more? Just you wait and see. :)


Snailbug said...

I've been just horrified that there will be no Belle fix every morning from the Daily Annabelle. I've been trying to prepare myself for Annabelle withdrawal, so I'm thrilled to see that she's going to make her appearance here. Bring it on!!! Love you, Belle. Oh . . . you too Shauntel and Jess. :)

Diana said...

So, no cow tipping (or cow's milk tipping) for your little girl? That's probably safest. Such a cutie pie! I can't believe she's a year now. Wow!


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