Wednesday, August 18, 2010

belle in a backpack

The day before we left for Yellowstone, we decided we needed a hiking backpack to stow our littlest traveler in. After checking a few fancy ones out at REI (and their shiny price tags to match), we turned to what is fast becoming our favorite way to shop: Classfieds - where people go to sell and buy used junk and/or treasures. With the ability to peruse used items by merely clicking and scrolling, it's like a thrift shop on steroids. We ended up with this beauty.

 And let's just say it was worth every last penny of its used price tag.

Although she initially had a major tantrum when we first attempted to slide her into her temporary holding cell, when she realized she got to ride around with Daddy, she was pretty content to just chill:

Except for when she wasn't:

But for the most part, she loved "hiking" around Yellowstone. And giving Daddy "head bumps" (she doesn't give kisses, just bumps) at will:

And she thought the geysers smelled AWESOME:

And lets give some props to the photographer who was not only using a telephoto lens, but also balancing said lens with a bouncing babe in tow.

All in all, a total success.

{And a minor overload of photos. You're welcome Grandma. :) }

1 comment:

jaesi said...

holy cow Im in love with all her cute faces!
And you are the parents I always wanted to be but was just too lazy :)


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