Monday, August 30, 2010

magic rocks

I've often wondered how much more magical life would be if I could just see it through Annabelle's eyes. Her ability to actually consume every blink of the eye is enviable. She takes it all in, swallows it whole, loves every speck of dirt, cherishes each rock. She thrills at the spotting of a critter and wonders just why she can't give every single person, animal, and plant a love, usually in the form of a head bump. And why not really? 

I wish I could keep the experience that age doles out, but still maintain the naivety of childhood, that beautiful, simple belief that the world is good and amazing and mine for the taking. One rock at a time.

Photos taken in Jackson Hole. And yes she slammed her forehead into concrete not an hour before this rock hunting expedition. Poor clutzy thing. Too bad she inherited her grace from me and not her father...

1 comment:

Snailbug said...

I miss her. It's so quiet and boring around here. Bring her back, please. Oh, I miss you too.


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