Thursday, September 2, 2010


So the first time we took Belle to the zoo (in North Carolina, when she was about seven months old), she seemed completely thrilled the entire time:

(But come on - HOW CUTE?)

However, now that she's on the obsessed side when it comes to anything with four legs or a snout (they're mostly just called My! like my mom's dog, Miley, although dogs are now DOG!), we thought it was high time to get her back to the place where MYs! run wild. And indeed, she seemed to enjoy it much more than her first excursion:

By the way, not only is that the funny face she makes when she does the monkey sound, but it also tends to show up when she's like way excited, usually about some animal. She does, however, reserve the sound for just the monkey.

We lasted long enough to see the baby elephant Zuri and her mama get some training:

And someone squiggled and begged to climb up and down the bleachers through the bird show:

And then Belle was cranky and tired. Plus she up and peed all over both of us, which quite effectively ended our successful zoo excursion. Good thing we got the membership. We'll be back to see the MYs quite frequently I imagine. :)


Snailbug said...

Sweet Belle is starting to look like Shirley Temple. I think we have a show business kid in our future!

The Harrises said...

Her facial expressions crack me up! It's too bad her stroller is holding her back from getting into the cages of the MY's. I'm glad you splurged for the membership.


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