Thursday, August 26, 2010


Belle and I made the trip down to St. George to visit Grandma and some aunties. Unfortunately, when we arrived, Annabelle's nose started running. And then it started sprinting. And then there were those couple of nights where we didn't sleep. And then there were the boogers. And the barf. Pretty much we've had enough boogers and barf to go around. 

However, she finally seems to be on the up and up (of course when we're just about to leave), and she's been busy corralling shoes: "Shoosh!!" She found a BOX FULL in my sister's closet which sort of sent her into a shoe-induced coma. Then she found my mom's closet, featuring shelves of shoes just at her reach. It's like heaven really. Before, she had managed to somewhat get flip flops or tennis shoes on her bitty feet. But with the discovery of these closets, she's mastered the heels

Um, I was just wondering where my baby went? Weird.

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