Tuesday, September 28, 2010

say cheese!

So the Little Miss is really into seeing her picture on the LCD screen of the camera these days. She thinks it's pretty funny that a little Annabelle (or Aaaahh-Bell as she refers to herself) is sitting in there. I was snapping pictures of her (as I often do) and she motioned that she wanted to see. So I took one of us together. Here's what I got when I told her to smile:

Really? How does one even make that face? The next tries were a little better:

You know how they say your nose never stops growing? Evidence above. Speaking of noses, she woke up this morning with an awesome faucet for a nose (and the cranks to go with it)...

...and when I go to wipe said spout, she often whines, "Booooggggeerrrr!" I shouldn't laugh at her pain, but oh man is she a crack up sometimes.

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