Thursday, September 30, 2010

color me happy

She has a few favorite activities these days. All day long we rotate through singing "I've Been Working On The Railroad" (with its accompany book), doing the alphabet puzzle (she's got a surprising number figured out), sorting through blocks (she doesn't so much build as sort), and coloring (or just emptying and filling the crayon box). I'm finding less and less time to myself, as she prefers a partner in these activities. But I can't say that I'm complaining too much. My dirty bathrooms might have something else to say about the matter, but then when did I listen to them anyhow?



jaesi said...

so very very adorable.

you start to listen to dirty bathroom talk when you can smell perma pee in the living room :)

Kirsti said...

I must say I'm quite impressed at how well she makes her "A." :)

Snailbug said...

Look at how she's holding that crayon. She'll be drawing rainbows and sunsets in no time!

Becky Adams said...

Love these pics! She is such a cutie!


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