Tuesday, November 9, 2010

our very own bag lady

1. She collects all the jewelry pieces she can find and puts them on (those first pictures are her attempting to steal mine). Consequently, I'm now missing many inks (earrings), necks (necklaces), ings (rings), and baybets (bracelets).
2. She's a little obsessed with pants. (I believe the need for pants comes from her need for pockets. {To store her dolls, of course.}) Of course, I'm obsessed with skirts, so we compromise. Both together make a wonderful fashion statement, don't you think?
3. Also obsessed with bags. She regularly strings up several on those short little arms and toddles around the house, jewelry hanging off her neck, unbuckled shoes (put on by herself) dragging behind her. And she always takes one to the store (because I make her leave the other dozen at home). I often find random things stowed in these bags: her boots, batteries, hair clips, chapstick, crayons, dolls. The other day I found a small Ziploc bag full of socks. And why shouldn't you store your socks in Ziploc bags?


Sare said...

she is too cute... and so very feminine. I love it.

John and Melanie said...

Gosh, she's CUTE!! Jonah thing right now are shoes... any size, color, etc. Obsessed :) I love this age :)

Kelly said...

I've often referred to my Eva as a bag lady (or one in training) she loves putting things into...things. Anything, bags, boxes, whatever.

Belle is seriously so cute. Hopefully we'll get our bag ladies together someday to shuffle around together :)

(it was so great chatting tonight. I sure love you!)

The Harrises said...

One silly girl starting her own fashion trend.


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