Monday, January 10, 2011

gender neutral

Whitney, one of my cute sisters-in-law, painted my toes a few hours before I went in to be induced. 
We chose pink for the big toes to encourage the preferred gender to come out. :)

Okay, so before we get too much further, let me just get this out there (again) because it tends to stress everyone else out way more than it does us: we are not finding out if we're having a boy or girl. We didn't when we were pregnant with Annabelle, and minus a few emotional breakdowns fueled by pregnancy hormones and my (not so) secret ardent desire to have a girl, we loved it that way. It gives us (me in particular) something unbelievably exciting to look forward to - like the best surprise on Christmas you could imagine. Only this surprise has a gooey wrapping. (Ew?) I'm just about the most impatient person I know, and nine months is like an eternity to be pregnant. Might as well have the surprise at the end, no?

And if we're being honest, this time around I'm really (honestly, this time) okay with either a boy or a girl. The first time around I pretended with all my might that having a boy would be super fun. But I really REALLY wanted a girl. I've said it before, and so has Jess, but there was something in me that needed her, this particular girl, and how grateful and blessed we are to have her. Also, our first boy has his name chosen. It was chosen before the beginning of time. He'll be the fifth in a long line of Jesses (plural for Jess?). And while I actually have grown to love the strength and integrity that my husband's name holds, I was a little bit distraught at the fact that I would have no say in my first child's name should it come out with man parts.

This time, although I would naturally love another pink baby, I'd also love a boy. Bring on another Jess. The world could use another really. They're incredible men. I also know that Jess would love a boy. But he'd also love another Midge. I've never seen a daddy so in love with his girl as Jess is with his. You see, we're just in love with this whole parenthood thing in general. And boy or girl, we'll be tickled pink (or blue). 


jaesi said...

Im guessing you will be like me-
girl, boy, girl, girl.
thats right 4 KIDS! get to work!


Loralee said...

So, SO excited for you guys!

Snailbug said...

And regardless of what the general consensus is, this grandma will love a boy just as much as a girl.


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