Friday, January 21, 2011

in other words

 pingers = fingers
Pick it? = Fix it?
pone = phone
phone-ee = pony
pish = fish
(as you can see, concern for F's true sound 
is at the bottom of her priority list)
I cash. = I crashed.
Dipe chay? = Diaper change? 
(we already bought her the kid potty, 
don't you worry)
Yeeshee = Jesus
leaks = keys
lock-oh = chocolate
luke = cute
gung gup = clean up
ick-ick = milk
ope-ee = open
maggots = magnets
cone = Popcorn Popping
bider = The Eensy Weensy Spider
roll it-bot = robot (she's taking "roll it" from Patty Cake)
lokes = clothes
gar-boo = garbage
poo-tee = fruit snacks
nah-ma = banana
slow-er = flower (pronounced the same, but with an S)
rib-epp = the sound a frog makes (cracks me up every time)
I wash-ee. = I'm sorry. (our very favorite)

I should mention again that she really loves dressing herself. 
And almost every ensemble includes those cowboy boots. 
Sadly, I make her change when we leave the house.

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