Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a new low

So with Annabelle, I threw up occasionally (and felt sick most of the time). With this little whipper snapper, I feel sick most of the time and throw up regularly. Usually at night. Especially if I've eaten something that has an ounce of fat or spiciness on it. Sometimes I can fight the barf. At least until I can get to a toilet. Yesterday afternoon, I trucked Belle down our three flights of stairs (by the way - we have an official house buying deadline* - I am not carrying two babies up three flights of stairs) and loaded her into the car to make a quick grocery run. I started the car and suddenly the urge to yack was upon me. And this was no urge to be suppressed. This was coming up whether I liked it or not. I had like 6.7 seconds to review my options. Knowing that the time it would take to unbuckle Belle and run up three flights of stairs to the toilet was not going to happen, I did what I previously would've termed the unthinkable:

I ran into the trees surrounding our parking lot. And threw up.

I'm telling you. This pregnancy is like a party all day long.

*July 26, 2011. The official due date. Two years and ten days after Annabelle's due date. I always said I wanted my kids at least two years apart. Oh the comedy. :)

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Diana said...

Oh, Shauntel! This is not fun at all. I wish I were there to help you out and watch your sweet little munchkin while you take care of yourself. I am thinking of you, my sweetie. July can't come soon enough, can it?

Are you house hunting yet?


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