Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it's lines like these

I'm a habitual Gilmore Girl watcher. Have been forever. I've seen every season at least a few times, I actually use lines from the shows in my regular speech or writing without thinking, and truly, I just think it's great. I love the mother-daughter relationship (and to all you doubters, it is a reality - ask my mom), I love the fast talking (slow talkers drive me a little insane), I love the wit. Like this:

Lorelai: "As my mouth was opening, my mind was screaming, 'Don't do it, I mean it, you'll regret it.' But did it listen?"

Rory: "No."

Lorelai: "And it opened, and the words came out, and Emily was Emily. And my mouth was stunned, and my mind said, 'I told you so,' and then my mouth got mad because no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it. And now my mouth and my mind aren't talking, and it will be weeks before we get the boys back together again."

Rory: "Your mouth has a nose?"

Can't get enough really.

If you haven't started this show that will become an addiction, I recommend you do so soon.

P.S. A post is not a post without a picture of Belle for grandma.


Rachel said...

We LOVE gilmore girls too! My sisters DVR it every night. We believe every life situation can be related back to an episode

lichelle said...

And yes, Gilmore Girls are real people. This is what we've decided. Real people. Real situations. Really awesome.

And Belle is the cutest baby currently in residency on planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gilmore Girls is addicting and I love it! Levi isn't to excited for me to start watching again once the baby comes (I did the same thing when Kayla was born) But I totally love that show!



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