Thursday, January 27, 2011


Annabelle adores her daddy. Annabelle adores playing Legos with her daddy. Her daddy adores her more than words can say. The fact that she'll already play Legos with him just pushes that adoration right over the top. And I adore that I can lay on the couch, be lazy, and watch them play. Perfectly adorable.

DISCLAIMER: Annabelle has never been one for picking little things up and putting them in her mouth, not even when she was small. She preferred to examine them with her tiny, precise fingers, determine their molecular origin, then discard them and move on to the next tiny piece of something. (Unless it was chocolate - she could sniff out chocolate from a very young age and always popped it in her mouth when she found it.) So although the age recommendation on the box does say ages 5+, just believe us when we say she isn't going to choke on the pieces. In fact, she considers it her calling in life to make sure every Lego man is outfitted with a proper hat.

Also, along with her newfound freedom of dressing herself comes the undressing of herself. We roll with it.

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eclaires said...

Seriously love this.


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