Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oh boy

I have a confession: I'm not sure what to do with a baby boy. I'm totally trained to deal with pink, but blue?

I guess that's not entirely true. The baby part doesn't stress me out. I mean, I will have to add some vehicular sounds to my vocabulary, and I see basketballs in my future if a little boy comes out, but the baby part doesn't stress me out. It's the teenage part. Ugghhhh. I dread it.

When I express this fear, people are always so quick to point out how horrible teenage girls are too. But here's the thing world: I'm the oldest of four girls. You can't tell me that we're all horrible. In fact, even in our moodiness, most of us are manageable. Trust me, I grew up with them! And not all of us are that moody! Plus, teenage girls don't smell bad (in fact, they usually take particular pride in their general appearance and odor, something completely lost on their male counterparts), their brains don't turn to a mush of fart jokes, they don't want to play video games, lewd comments generally don't escape their lips, and they generally avoid that awkward hair on the face stage. I'll admit that the worst thing about a teenage girl is the drama. Life can can get pretty dramatic when that time of the month rolls around and you can't find your favorite shirt. But after three sisters of drama, I can deal with it. Plus, it always passes. We find our shirts and then we return to our nice smelling, not video game playing selves.

I'm sure there are some teenage boys who defy this stereotype. But in my mind, it's inevitable. And it scares me. And I plan to give away any teenage boys at the age of 13 to the most willing grandparent.

NOTE: We do not know what we're having still. This is just me worrying about it.

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Kristen said...

I'm with you sister. I get annoyed when people talk about how hard teenage girls are. We were awesome!


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