Tuesday, March 29, 2011

over the hump

1. Jess felt the baby kick last week. With Annabelle, I didn't feel her kick til about 21 weeks (I'm 23 now and feeling really great about being over halfway done), and Jess didn't feel her for several more. This baby is nice and low already, often making its presence known in my bladder. Like Annabelle, this baby doesn't beat me up. Just calm, steady kicks and jabs. The temperament seemed to have transferred well after Annabelle was born; we hope it does this time too.
2. While I'm unbelievably grateful that I switched up my diet (whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, and zippo cakes or cookies) because I feel, oh, I don't know, human, I seriously SERIOUSLY miss cakes and cookies. It's relatively easy to resist them as they just make me ill, but man do I miss them. (Also, at my most recent visit, my doctor practically did cartwheels at the success of this diet change. My weight's under control and everything looks really good.)
3. If I don't drink enough water during the day, I bloat like the Goodyear blimp and get a massive headache. Yet, I repeat this mistake often.
4. The pregnancy dreams have got to stop. They're ridiculous and literally wake me up (or does my bladder?). Last night, I dreamed that I left Annabelle in a locked car for hours. With her coat on. I remember how red her cheeks were and how she guzzled water once I found her. Horrible! I woke up in a panic and had to go check her immediately. And then I couldn't sleep, because how I could I leave my baby in the car that long? She could have died! It took like an hour to convince myself that it didn't really happen.
5. Every morning I have two pieces of whole grain wheat toast (the real stuff, not the stuff that has yummy white flour mixed in that makes it taste good) with Splenda (go ahead, judge) and cinnamon. It's actually incredibly delicious. Sometimes I have it for lunch too.

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