Thursday, March 31, 2011

the price of the past

So Jess and I decided we needed a little road trip this weekend. Yes, even I decided this. (I'm customarily the one who's like, "I'm pregnant...wah...wah...I get car vomit...wah...I have to pack for a toddler...wah...wah.") But Moab sounds fun. Not really. Moab does NOT sound fun to a pregnant woman. Does anyone want to explain why people go to Moab? To do strenuous and/or dangerous activities outside. Which means pregnant lady is going to do what?

But actually it does sound fun. I just want to go somewhere. And plus there's always the Hole 'N' the Rock, and I challenge anyone to come up with a better excuse to not sweat than, "I'm pregnant." Jess can take all the photos he wants, Belle and I can play in the dirt for hours. Win win all around.

So anyway, yesterday I got on to check and see how much a hotel room would be. I was a little saddened to discover that there was practically nothing available. There were a few dumpy hotels for about $200 a night, hotels that would have to pay me $200 a night to stay there. We were considering other destinations when I realized that - because I'm pregnant and my brain is dumb (always the excuse) - I may have put in last weekend's dates.

In other words, was willing to charge me $200 a night for a hotel room in the past.

This has nothing to do was anything except for the fact that I'm still laughing about it. And I wanted an excuse to post some photos. So there. Honesty and a good story. You're welcome. :)

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