Monday, March 14, 2011


1. So this cute lady at church "confessed" that she ate seven cookies. In one day! Bless her. I could eat seven for an appetizer before I ate seven more.
2. That was before I swore off of them for this pregnancy, which has been a genius move. If I think about eating one, I get heartburn. Or if I eat a turkey hot dog. Also gives me heartburn. But oh so good and a good fake out that summer is just around the corner. Yeah. Right.
3. Annabelle used to chew gum then spit it out (in the garbage) when she was done. Now she chews it then swallows it. My hope is that the gum makes the few morsels of food she consumes during the day really stick to her belly and make her feel super full. So she'll stop waking me up at random times in the middle of the night to inform me she's hungry. Really?
4. I think the face in the ultrasound looks like a boy. Also, I've thought it was a boy for a long time. But what do I know? Seriously. The lady doing the ultrasound made me close my eyes a few times so I couldn't see. I watched my DVD of the ultrasound anyway - like I can tell up from down, boy parts from girl parts.
5. We have no girl names. Luckily, the boy comes with a name. And we have a few good middle name options.
6. We still haven't found a house. We have an offer in on a short sale, but those can take months to close. As it turns out, we have about four. At the most.
7. The temperatures have hit in the sixties a few days. Glory glory. The funny thing is that next year, I'll likely be glorying in the winter. I'm quite bi-polar when it comes to being pregnant and being not pregnant.
8. I ordered a crib to St. George from so when I visit I have somewhere to pen Annabelle during naps*, and it had an estimated delivery date a week and a half out. Two days later, it arrived in St. George. I was seriously ready to marry Then my mom opened the crib. It had some serious damage. Dang. It. We're waiting for the replacement to arrive. Arg.
9. Our most favorite sandwich restaurant in Durham is coming to our neighborhood. There's actually a Firehouse Subs in the valley already, but a good distance away. We're more than thrilled that our carbs (their wheat bread is actually really good, and I'm "allowed" to eat it) are going to be in such close proximity. If you go, try the Engineer (my favorite) or the Hook 'N' Ladder (Jess' favorite). Oh, I'm salivating.
10. I'm really into Diet Root Beer these days. I think this is my attempt to pretend that because it is similar in color, it must be similar in function to Diet Dr Pepper. (It's not.)

*So Annabelle's a bottle baby. My boobs don't work; I pumped what I could for a month before I ran dry. And while this stresses out many people, we're totally cool with it, and strangely enough, Annabelle still bonded appropriately with her mother! Wonders! That said, she was addicted to her bottle. I loved it too because it put her to sleep. It made nap time and bed time a cinch. Seriously. She was out before her head hit her pillow (she doesn't really have a pillow - when do they get a pillow?). So with the sippy, she just has her milk, then we put her in her bed, sing a song, and say hasta. At night, she generally just goes to sleep within a few minutes. Nap times are another story, and I can usually hear her in there practicing her vocabulary and doing gymnastics for a good while, so having her penned is a must. Heaven help us when she learns out to crawl out!

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