Wednesday, March 16, 2011

word of the week

I'm not sure which is to blame - my artificial hormone I take for my broken thyroid, pregnancy, or the dry air of winter - but my typically pretty dry skin is like the cracked surface of the desert these days. (Not to be confused with the cracked surface of a dessert. Which sounds really good right now. Any dessert really. Cracked surface or not.) So I'm always slathering on lotion. Of course, my little mini me has picked up the habit as well (and sadly, I think her skin is more like mine than her father's so its probably a good habit to have inherited, along with my penchant for inhaling chocolate like it ain't no thang), and is constantly asking for some "yo-shun." When she "needs" to put some on her arms but her long sleeves are in the way, and she'd like some help pushing them up, she asks, "Open...shirt? Open?"

These pictures were taken after she discovered she could stand under the run off on our car port (when snow starts melting, it's a pretty good stream). She laughed and laughed her little brains out. So funny to get so wet. Cute girl.

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