Thursday, March 10, 2011

things she says...

...that I don't want to forget. :)

1. If you tell her you love her, she'll say, "No! I lub you MORE!" or "No! I lub you lots!" or "Noooo! I lub you much!"
2. When she's looking for her dad, she says, "Fa-dough, where awe you?" Sometimes she calls for "Dess!?? Dess!?" (She has yet to call me mother or by my first name. We're not quite sure how she's figured out his additional titles, but it's pretty hilarious.)
3. When she needs my help: "Mommy do it." If she wants her independence: "Ah-Belle do it."
4. She's piecing adorable sentences together: "I need" "Black what, honey?" "I need" I love watching her brain piece it all together. (And yes, she's getting some colors right these days.)
5. When she's searching for something, she says, "Hmmmmm..." and puts her index finger on her cheek (she's copying what Grandma Christensen did when she was looking for something last time she visited). It's really adorable.
6. After the water main busted in our apartment (just a little flooding - no worries), she talked for days about it: "Pop! [the sound it made] Water. Carpet wet. Water carpet. Boys. Boys fix. Wall hot. Boys fix wall. Water. Carpet wet."
7. She was helping me fold some laundry and somehow a tiny sock and found its way into the batch. She tried to put the tiny sock on but was having a hard time so I casually (without thought) told her, "Oh, that's too small. We better buy some bigger ones at the store." She then proceeded to repeat over and over: "Bigg-oh socks? Store. Shop. Bigg-oh socks? Bigg-oh socks? Store." Over and over. So we went to the store. And when we turned into the parking lot, she started cheering and clapping and yelped, "Bigg-oh socks!!"
8. When she puts on a new outfit (that generally doesn't match or coordinate in any way), she walks out and says, "Cooooot!"
9. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago where we saw some really exciting things: a giraffe taking a dump and a big ol' ape taking a snooze. For the last few weeks we've heard about the following: "Raffe....poo....ha ha ha ha ha ha...raffe pooped! Poopy bum! Poop on floor! Raffe poo....ha ha ha ha." Or the ape: "Monkey tired. Monkey take nap. Rest. Monkey nap." We went to the zoo again today and she was sorely disappointed when the giraffes didn't have any bodily functions for her to giggle at. She got bored quick and requested, "Mom? Push stroller. Monkeys."
10. When it's time for bed, she drinks her last sippy of milk and whispers, "Bed?" As I take her into her room, I whisper, "I love you," and she whispers, "I lub you," back. It's maybe my favorite thing in the world.

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