Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1. One day I woke up and took a bite of banana and sparks of pain shot through my mouth. I couldn't chew on my left side without sparks bouncing around from tooth to tooth, so I called my father-in-law dentist, especially after the whole root canal debacle after I had Annabelle (we thought it was just pregnancy and didn't check it properly - actually it was a decaying hole in my mouth). He told me to wait it out for a day or two. And what do you know - doc was right! It went away!? So strange. I was sure I had a cavity or maybe just a small alien in my mouth digging a hole to China. But nope - pregnant body just thought a sparky mouth would be super fun for one day.

2. Putting together Easter baskets was a slight form of torture. I seriously sniffed the chocolate. Like held it to my nose and inhaled for embarrassingly long periods of time. But I didn't cave. If you really know me, you know that abstinence from chocolate for more than a day or two is one of the more serious accomplishments of my life. Especially for MONTHS. College degree? Piece of cake. Push a human out of my body? Sure, would love to. (No really, I'd love to.) Abstaining from chocolate for six months? MIRACLE.

3. On Easter morning, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. with some strange eye pain. The best way to describe it is my right eye had a headache. That's how it felt. Like a bruised headache in my eye socket. I stumbled to the bathroom to have a look - it was red and irritated and kind of runny. So I took my contact out - yes, I'm very naughty and sleep in them even when I'm pregnant - and powered up Google to see what I was dealing with. According to "the experts," I was pretty sure it was just severely irritated, and it began to subside before I even hit the pillow again. However, it left me with some pink eye look-a-like issues (minus the drainage - just the pink). The photo above is totally doctored. My sister photoshopped out the disease. Below you'll find what everyone was staring at. As it was a Sunday, I got to really put on a lovely floor show at church. I'm sure everyone thought I was spreading a disease to their children. And I was all, "Yes, I am. It's called pregnancy. Watch out, I hear it's contagious."

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