Wednesday, April 27, 2011

when the sun comes out...

...we do the same,
especially considering the fact
that it was snowing yesterday.
Yes, snow.

So when those rays make an appearance,
we rush to soak them up.

Wanna know the most exciting part about summer arriving someday?
More exciting than the actual sun being a regular visitor?
I'll have a little squishy baby.
Hooray for those squishy little summer babies!


Riss said...

I just wanna squeeze her!

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Oh cute friend! I had to spend a little time and get updated on your blog (I tend to do that... pick a friend and catch up on the last 3 months or so of their life!)

Anyway, Annabelle is darling (as you know). And I'd love to give you a little pre-natal yoga love if you need something else for that back/tailbone.

Does Annabelle need a playdate? Because I'm pretty sure Holden would want to hug her, and then try and steal whatever she was playing with... but I still think the socialization would be grand; and it would be great to catch up.

What's your May looking like?


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