Friday, April 22, 2011

crash landing

So I think I've mentioned that before she crashes for her nap, Annabelle often practices what sounds like a serious gymnastics routine. What I failed to mention is that she often falls asleep mid routine.

And while we're here, let's talk about her "shorts," as she calls them. These little underoos belong to a skirt or dress long forgotten and made for a baby half her size. They're tight and tiny and really don't belong in any sort of wardrobe at this point. But she loves them. I mean, LOOOVVVESSS them. Most days, we get dressed for the day and then she'll disappear into her room only to reappear with "Shorts! Coot!" on. Of course, I let the madness continue because it's impossible to resist the cootness. But rest assured, she does not wear them out of the apartment. And one of these days, I'm hoping they will actually become uncomfortable enough that she decides to move on to something new. Like pants or something.

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