Saturday, April 23, 2011

work it

So this pregnancy has been vastly different than the first. While the first wasn't a bowl of cherries by any means, this one as been a bowl of rotten cherries. Awesome analogy. You're welcome. Through this pregnancy, I've made significant efforts to stay more fit and healthy than the first time around. Of course, at first it didn't make a difference and I gained weight like I'd just given birth and found a secret room full of cupcakes (it's going to be baaadddd). Then I switched my food up and things got better. Additionally, except during the first trimester when I exercised only on the days I had the gumption, I've been spinning almost every day and lifting free weights about every other day. During the first pregnancy, I did the elliptical a few days a week, and dropped my weight routine because some whack job doctor in NC told me to.

Of course, I should fess up and admit that spinning is much easier to do when your bike is in the front room. Yeah, we bought ourselves a spin bike. (You may have noticed it in pictures like these.) It was a Christmas present to each other. So far, however, it's been my Christmas present. And let me tell you, it's the best purchase we've made since we got married. For riz. Now I'm a little unique and really love working out alone. I actually do love spinning classes as well (I don't like running with other people, however), but the time and money saved by spinning at home has been pretty great. I choose my music, I control my intensity level, and I can control the thermostat (why, oh why do spin classes always have to be like five million degrees?). I also love that I can work out before Belle wakes up without dragging my hind parts to a 5:30 a.m. spin class. And when Jess goes into work early (sometimes as early as 5 or 6 a.m.), I still have spinning as an option because I don't have to go anywhere to get 'er done. Anyway, allow me to just sum this up: I love my bike and would marry it if possible. And if Jess didn't mind a wee bit of reverse polygamy.

I was spinning 5-6 days a week for about 45 minutes each session. I did a lot of regular spinning techniques, just toned down to keep my heart rate in check. (I'm so looking forward to blowing my heart rate up again. Seriously.) At week 23(ish), my back/pelvis/butt region started hurting. Not anxious to repeat the broken body of Pregnancy Uno, I bought myself a fat man gel padded seat and stopped getting in and out of the saddle. It helped, but not enough, and by the end of each week, I'd find myself taking Saturday off (I never workout on Sunday) just to lay on a hot pad and recup.

So I admitted defeat. Not without a major internal war though. You see, to stop exercising is to encourage weight gain*, which is to encourage back ache. But to continue spinning is to certainly cause back ache. Oh defeat. I could swim, but it involves crazy scheduling and babysitters, and I try my very best to exercise on my time, not Annabelle's (unless she can participate - like a walk or something). In the first month of this pregnancy, I ordered a pre-natal workout DVD. I watched it once and laughed the whole way through, like, "Oh my. This is so lame. How wimpy could I get?" Then the other day I pulled it out again because, you know, I'm desperate. And don't you worry, it's more than sufficient at this point, and I'll totally take the wimpy workout any day.

I have like fourteen weeks left. I just need to make it, one way or another. At least I can say I tried. And the photos of Annabelle are to spare every one of you from viewing photos of me doing sweet aerobic moves, belly bouncin' and all. You're welcome.

*I'm not saying I shouldn't gain weight. I'm just under doctor's orders to keep it under control. Weight gain when pregnant = good. Massive weight gain when pregnant = bad. Cool?

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