Monday, April 18, 2011

daddy's girl

 Helping Daddy finish his work when he petered out.

The past couple weeks have been busy ones for Jess. We've seen him for about an hour each day - in the evening. He makes it home to play with his Midge for a bit, prayer time, and bed. This isn't normal for his firm (thank goodness!), so we're just sticking it out and expect it to happen again someday as well. And if he has spare minutes for lunch, we rush downtown to see him. He also has a new assignment at church that takes up a good amount of time, so we see much less of him on Sundays as well. 

Yesterday, Annabelle was particularly sad to leave Daddy behind at church. He had saved her in the middle of nursery, when she came out crying. He asked her what was wrong, and she said, "Boys." Those darn boys. :) So he got her happy and returned her to nursery where they colored a picture together. After church, she just wanted her Daddy and clinged to him when I tried to take her. He had some things to tend to, however, so he put her in the car and told her he'd be home soon. The whole way home she talked about Daddy being home "in a minute," and "Daddy be right back?"

And then when we parked the car, I heard her say, "Say a pair (prayer)?" I looked back to see her with her arms folded. She then said, "Heav-ee Fadough? Daddy come home." 

She's never voluntarily said a prayer before, so this about broke my heart. But it also made me so grateful that she has a Daddy who loves her so much and that she knows it. I love how much she loves him and how sweet they are together. She's a lucky little lady to have a Daddy who would bring her the moon if she asked it.

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Rachel said...

Oh, how sweet!


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