Saturday, April 16, 2011

word of the week

So we bought Belle some "tie shoes like Daddy's," as she calls them. This is mostly because she's suddenly growing out of every piece of footwear she owns. Not that she's complaining - her shoe obsession runs strong, and she's happy to add to her collection. In the morning, she spends considerable time pulling out several pairs of my shoes and depositing them around the house. It's always easy to see where she's been by the shoe trail.

But I digress. So we bought her these tie shoes. And this morning, as she put them on (she's long been putting on her own shoes as well) we heard her talking as she "tied" them (she sticks the laces in the empty holes). As she did so, she said, "Sanitize...sanitize..." We laughed because she wasn't sanitizing anything (she also has an unusual obsession with hand sanitizer), but then I realized, she was likely saying: "Sani-TIES."

I'm pretty sure I'll be "sanitizing my shoes" for the rest of all time. Because that's just too cute.

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