Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lifestyle change?

So I realize that this new mode of eating should really motivate me to make some permanent lifestyle changes when it comes to food. I mean, eating like this makes me feel human and strong, and my body is like a baby building machine. (Okay, not really. I still get wiped out every dang day, and I'm pretty sure my pelvis is on its way out again - NO!) But I do feel sooooo much better. I think my boss used to say something about the way drinking fresh orange juice made "her cells dance" - that's how I feel most days. Like my cells are dancing. I'm getting heavier, oh most definitely, but I still feel more energetic and alive. So really, you'd think that I'm ready to totally commit to this new relationship with food, right? Totally abandon my former addiction to chocolate and all things with buttercream frosting? Turn my back on soft, white, fresh-out-of-the-oven white rolls with butter? Forget banana milkshakes like a bad boyfriend? You'd think this would be an easy change to make seeing as how I'm obviously healthier, right?


I'm pretty sure all it's doing is make me create a mental storage unit, already stacked high with junk food, chocolate, and cupcakes that I fully intend to consume when the baby comes out. For real. I'll be like, "Oh yay! It's a..." And no one will be able to hear what it is because I'll be shoving a cupcake in my face. I'm a little worried that I'll gain more weight after giving birth because suddenly I'll be all HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THOSE CUPCAKES THAT I'M ALLOWED TO EAT! And then, with frosting still smeared on my face, I'll bury my face in a bag of M&Ms.

It's going to be bad folks. For real.

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