Monday, April 11, 2011


1. I don't love many things about pregnancy itself (I know, you're shocked!), but one of my favorite things is that after I cook or bake, inevitably I'll have some food on my belly. I forget it's sticking out there, just waiting to catch my messes.
2. I'm not craving much of anything. Besides chocolate. Cupcakes. And total junk. AND A TALL DIET DP WITH LOTS OF ICE. (The not drinking caffeine is my own restriction, although I'm sure my doctor would tell me to cut that out too if I did drink it. Because I'm pretty sure she has a secret list of all the things I love, and those are the things she poo-poos.)

3. I've started the "nesting" phase of this game. Besides the fact I don't have a real nest to nest in. AGAIN. But organizing and cleaning are doing it for now. Especially since that short sale we put an offer in on "might" come through for us. They've half accepted our offer (two mortgages - divorced parties - one party's bank isn't consenting yet). And so I figure I might as well start getting things in order.
4. I had another ultrasound last week. During the first, they didn't get a clear enough view of the heart so they wanted another go. Turns out, this baby didn't care. They still didn't get all the views they wanted, but what they could see looked perfect and showed no reason for concern. I paid very close attention to the swishes past the hind quarters. And I couldn't see any funny business down there. Maybe it's a girl? Or maybe I was looking at the brain?
5. When I ask Belle if she thinks I should have another baby, she always says, "Yes." When I ask her if it's a boy or a girl, she says, "No." If I ask her if it's a brother or sister, she says, "Bruh-dur, sitter." If she knows, she ain't telling.

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lichelle said...

When did Annabelle turn 3? Huh? Those are the scribblings of a 3 year old.


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